Autorizzazione Tribunale di Roma n. 378 del 30/09/2005
Rivista bimestrale -Anno III- Nov./dic. 2007, n.12

G. Zampogna : Cirkus

Gaetano Zampogna : “CIRKUS”

In Rome, Artmediastudiozeta (via del Casale Galvani,9 Rome) presents the Gaetano Zampogna's art show of recent works called "Cirkus". The artist, born in Scido (RC, Italy), works on recovering figurative painting spoiled by the media myths of our time; at first highlightinthe weakness of reality perceived as advertising productions. The monochromatic and lunar splendor of anonymous faces are backgrounds to disturbing and unbalanced elemento, plychromatic and minimal: “the world’s events” as media windows taken from the covers of the top international magazines. In the next stage Zampogna creates an alienated relationship between the two subjects which expands the previous advertising wimdows to the point they resemele portraits, in other words until the “real reality” and the “media reality” become interchangeable. The result is a memory-less image in which the two events comunicate with estranged spontaneità: the powers of the two images is in the inconsistency and in the anonymity caught in flagrant complicità. The fine technique allows the everyday life and the advertisement to feed each other. The la test works of the artist represent a further and logical step towards this analysis, ironic and tragic in reality: the images of the “Gratta e Vinci”. La Scopa, l’Isola del tesoro, gli Animal Portafortuna, Cirkus*, are symbols of a devaluing contemporaneità which stand as a mediocre regeneration to western men. The expectation of personal wealth, a media chimera, an antidote for the cruel and global vacuità of our history.

* Lotteries in which a winning or losing image appears after scratching a Silver band on a card.

"Cirkus", recent works of Gaetano Zampogna. Artmediastudiozeta, Via del Casale Galvani, 9 of Rome.

since 24 november 2007